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Daycations vs. Staycations

Staycations and daycations are very similar in definition but have many differences in terms of budget and overall activities throughout the day. By spending the night, you are not limited on time whereas in a daycation to a theme park, for example, you are limited with the amount that you can do in a day. In this article, we will be identifying the differences between a staycation and daycation. 

What Is a Daycation? 

The definition of a Daycation is visiting a location for the day before returning home. Whether this is a trip to a castle or the beach with your family, for example, this is one of the easiest ways to relax and unwind. It usually lasts for just one day, but sometimes if you’re enjoying the trip you may decide to have an overnight stay. This is highly popular for several families as it is often much cheaper than spending money on a longer holiday and great for weekends. 

What Is a Staycation? 

A staycation is defined as a holiday that is spent in your home country. This involves visits to a place and returning home before the end of the day. Staycations usually do not involve staying anywhere overnight and can be as simple as driving to a trampoline park or an attraction and then returning home. This is great for the family as it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune and is a relaxing idea for a weekend break. These are ideal for a couple as well as those with young children, which is why it is popular for so many people. 

Choosing Between a Daycation & Staycation

When choosing between these two-holiday types, several variables can come into play when deciding the best type for you. A staycation to some is a holiday of varying length within the country, as you may find there’s more to see and do than in just one day. Those choosing to visit multiple locations in a day may find that this is often much cheaper than staying overnight if you can fit it all in. This is what makes daycations and staycations so popular and means your family can enjoy the coast and other attractions such as theme parks without having to travel too far or be away from home for too long.  

The Benefits of Both  

Should you decide to stay overnight in the location that you are visiting for an extended staycation, it is important to look at where you are staying. Whether it’s in a hotel or you are staying in a local B&B, you don’t have to compromise on quality. A staycation is great for those that have travelled a long distance as it can provide you with some respite before taking the long journey home again. This is great for those that have a tent or a motor home also, as you can rent a pitch for just one night at an affordable price. This, therefore, makes for an amazing weekend with the family without having to spend a small fortune. 

As many of us look to enjoy the hot weather, we are enjoying both days out and weekend trips with the family. Whether you are heading to the coast or going camping in the forest, there are many options for you to enjoy with your family, and who knows, maybe your daycation will turn into a longer staycation!