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5 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids can be difficult. But with a few useful tips, you can have the perfect family holiday – check out our top 5 tips!

1. There’s no rush

Everything takes longer when you’ve got kids in tow. Not only do they inevitably walk slower than you, but they like to explore. Instead of trying to rush, leave plenty of time, and encourage them to be inquisitive and learn about their surroundings. Plan your journey ahead, because you don’t want to be caught out with nowhere to stay or go, but leave some flexibility in your schedule. Make sure to fit in plenty of food and toilet stops too.

2. Keep them entertained

Children get bored easily, so give them something to keep them occupied. A good way of doing this is by giving them some sort of holiday project. This could be a travel journal, scrapbook, or involve collecting something like tickets. A lot of places offer activities for children such as treasure trails, brass rubbing or activity sheets where they have to look out for certain things. Alternatively, give them a cheap camera so they can snap the holiday.

3. Go somewhere child-friendly

Children aren’t welcome everywhere, so make sure you go to places where they are. Remember to not only keep your kids entertained, but also be considerate of everyone else around who may be looking for peace and quiet. Make sure you take advantage of family tickets which can save you a lot of money, and are also a good indication that children are welcome there. It can be difficult to find food that your child will eat when on holiday, so look around for restaurants with a children’s menu. Bringing some pens and paper or a colouring book is also a good idea, as it will keep them occupied whilst waiting for food to arrive.

4. Make travelling fun

The actual process of travelling itself, whether by car, train or plane, can be very boring for kids. There are all sorts of things you can do to keep them happy. A walkman with music or an audiobook can occupy kids for a long time. Games such as ‘I Spy’ or ‘I Went Shopping and I Bought…’ can also be a winner. Make sure you also have plenty of water and snacks even for a short trip, because you never know when there might be delays. Where you can, use public transport such as buses or trains. Kids find it exciting, plus it’s a convenient way of travelling around a place you don’t know.

5. Bring a magic bag

The magic bag has everything in it that you could possibly need when travelling with children. This ought to include wet wipes, hand sanitizer, plasters, sun cream, snacks, drinks, pen, paper, and anything else you might need when out and about. You should also avoid letting kids pack their own bags, because they’re unlikely to bring the right things. Make sure you bring spare clothes in case of accidents, and always ensure your child wears a hat in the sunshine, as children tend to be more at risk from the sun. Likewise, make sure you have a woolly hat, along with gloves and scarf when it’s cold.


Travelling with children can be really fun, with lots to show and teach them. Make sure you keep an eye on them and they hold your hand in busy places, and you’re good to go.

Updated 25/9/18