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How to Turn Screen Time for Children into Family Fun Time

As we become more reliant on technology, many of us see our screen time beginning to creep up. Whilst this is not a problem for many adults, it is important to find that balance for children, particularly during the half term and summer holidays. To help you with reducing screen time gradually, we have compiled a list of top tips to do so.

Try to Watch Something Together

If your children spend a lot of time watching television or Youtube, this can be the perfect time to change screen time into family fun time. By finding something that you can all watch together, such as a Disney film or educational content, you are allowing everyone to get involved. This is a much more inclusive way of allowing your family to bond, without forcing your children away from the TV.

Build a Themed Lego Set for Family Fun Time

As a parent, you often question how to manage your children’s screen time in a way that will not lead to an argument or to them being upset. However, if you find your children spending a lot of time on games such as Minecraft, Super Mario Marker or Lego titles, there is a creative solution. There are several themed Lego sets from a wide range of brands, including the new interactive Lego Super Mario. This not only allows them to express their creativity, but it is a project that can be completed by the whole family. This is a great way to limit screen time for children, whilst still allowing them to interact with their favourite characters.

Encourage Board Games Instead of Video Games

Another simple solution to how to manage your children’s screen time is to encourage board games instead of video games. By choosing one night a week where you play as a family, you can promote family fun time in a fun and creative way. Whether you have slightly older children or younger ones, there are games for all ages that the family will love. With classics such as Monopoly, to newer titles such as Pictionary Air, this is the perfect way to get everyone involved and reduce screen time for children over the course of the week.

Find Multiplayer Games for The Whole Family

If you as a parent are a fan of gaming yourself, why not turn this into a family fun time activity. By spending an hour or two, one night a week, playing games with your loved ones, you can teach them key skills such as teamwork. This is a great way to limit screen time for children whilst giving you an activity you can do together. With consoles like the Nintendo Switch providing multiplayer games, such as Super Mario Party, for you and the family to enjoy with up to 8 players.

With many of these techniques available for you to choose from, there are several solutions for how to manage your children’s screen time without spending a small fortune. All of which allow you to get your kids away from their screens and enjoying time together with you as a family.