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Welcome Family Quiz!

Our Welcome Family Quiz is a great way to pass the time and test everyone’s knowledge of their favourite holiday park in Devon!

We have put together 20 questions for you all – the quizmaster can read out the questions in turn and all the answers are at the bottom of the page!

1. What was Welcome Family first called?

2. What was the year the park first opened?

3. What was the Cruisers Club first called?

4. What year was the roof added to the swimming pool?

5. Who was the Entertainments Manager in 1981?

6. What famous band did he drum for before he came to Welcome Family?

7. How many caravans are there currently on the park?

8. How many holes are there on the Crazy Golf Course?

9. How deep is the Sports Pool?

10. What time is check-in?

11. What are the names of our mascots?

12. What is the name of the pottery studio next to the park?

13. What time does the Cruisers Club open in the evening?

14. What colour flag has Dawlish Warren beach been awarded again this year for its water quality and cleanliness?

15. True or false? Dogs are welcome to stay in our Sandsurfer bungalows?

16. What is the name of the National Park that is closest to Welcome Family Holiday Park

17. What was the high bingo jackpot paid out in 2018 – £127, £346 or £781?

18. What is the name of our kids club that is open every evening?

19. When you are enjoying a cream tea in Devon, does the jam go on the top or the bottom of the scone?

20. How many years has Mark Price been entertaining us at Welcome Family?

1.Welcome Stranger / 2. 1949 / 3. Dolphin Inn / 4. 1995 / 5. Rory Blackwell / 6. The Beach Boys / 7. 180 caravans / 8. 9 holes / 9. 1.5m deep / 10. 4.00pm check-in / 11. Dougie, Myrtle, Whizzy and Dizzy / 12. The Paint Hub / 13. 6.00pm opening / 14.  Blue Flag /15.  True  /16. Dartmoor  / 17. £781 / 18. Dougies Den / 19. Jam on top / 20. 30 years