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2021: Inexpensive Family Holiday Ideas

Family holidays are an enjoyable time for everyone and should be fun regardless of the age of your family members. Whether it is a trip abroad or in the UK, there are several different family holidays that you can enjoy without spending a small fortune. To help you get started, we are here to help you with some 2021 inexpensive family holiday ideas.

Camping With The Family

When planning a holiday, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Camping with the family is a cheap and enjoyable way of spending time together on holiday. Whether you spend time camping in a caravan or you pitch up a tent, this is a simple way to enjoy the best that nature can offer and travel around the UK. In addition to this, there are several other campsites in Europe for you to enjoy around with your family in places such as France and Spain.

All-inclusive Resorts

Another way that you can enjoy your holidays is to go all-inclusive. Though the price of these holidays can differ depending on the resort that you travel to, this is a way to enjoy the comfort of a family holiday at an affordable price. This is also ideal for getting the family involved as you can allow them to choose the perfect resort based on activities and accommodation. This is a great way to get the whole family involved and allows for you to enjoy a majority of destinations.

Holidays By The Coast

If you are looking for ultimate rest and relaxation a holiday by the coast is ideal. This not only allows you to enjoy fresh air, but it also has several activities for you to enjoy. With a number of locations around the UK as well as some coastal destinations around the world, you can enjoy the perfect holiday at an affordable price. Whether you decide to take a dip in the sea or you spend time making the ultimate sand sculpture this is an enjoyable holiday for every member of the family in the summertime. Plus, at Welcome Family, we’re located by the sea meaning you can enjoy the fresh air and coastal scenery right here at our holiday park in Devon!

City Escapes

In addition to a holiday by the coast, there are options such as city escapes that are ideal for those looking to enjoy major cities such as London, Paris and Rome. With affordable hotel prices and resorts nearby, you can enjoy some family fun at an affordable price in the heart of the city. Explore some landmarks as well as visit museums, theme parks and restaurants around the city and make the most out of the family trip. However, when planning a family holiday, it is vital that you consider the time of year. This is because the prices for city breaks can vary in peak seasons.

All Out Adventure Holidays

The final holiday type that is perfect for any family is an adrenaline-filled adventure holiday. Whether this is a mountain biking trip or a trip white water rafting, this is a great way to get the whole family involved. Though holiday packages such as this may be slightly more expensive, there are cheaper ways that you can have an adventure-filled holiday. By heading out on walks or riding some of the best trails in the UK and Europe, you can enjoy the ultimate adventure-filled holiday whilst keeping the price down as a result.

Whether you are currently saving for a holiday or you are in the process of looking at 2021 bookings, there are ways you can have the ultimate family holiday without spending a small fortune. Which of these holidays will you be enjoying with your family this year?