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Welcome Family Board Games!

Welcome Family’s Favourite Board Games!

Family life over the last few years has meant less time has been spent playing board games. Lockdown however has seen a huge shift in this as we all look for new ways to spend time together that fit into our new way of living.

Board games can be just the thing to bring us together, take our mind off our worries and can even be good for our mental health! Here are some of our favourite traditional games to play!


Whilst this is undoubtedly one of the ultimate family board games we all know what a rollercoaster of emotions it can be! That said, it can be a good way for youngsters to get an idea of money management, mortgages, cash flow and investments. One of the main things that used to put me off this game has been its tendency to go on too long, so our family now puts a time limit on it and the player with the most money at the end is the winner – it certainly changes the pace and choices made during the game!

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders has to be one of the simplest games to play with family members of all ages where everyone stands an equal chance of winning. One of the best things we like about this game is that it doesn’t have to cost anything! Most off-the-shelf games go up to 100 and sometimes the little ones can lose interest before it’s over, so getting them to make their own up to a manageable number – can be much more fun! Apart from the obvious counting skills it also encourages a range of other maths skills – maths and an art lesson all in one – now we like that!


Did you know this game was invented in 1965?! A hilarious game where players remove poor old Cavity Sam’s ailments, such as his poorly wishbone or Adams apple, with a pair of tweezers without hitting the sides of the cavity. If you do, there is a heart stopping buzzing sound that always makes me jump out of my skin! It’s a great game for all the family to practice their fine motor skills as well as a quick lesson in the anatomy of the body!


Jenga is the hilarious game of skill where players take turn in removing one block at a time from a tower made up of 54 wooden blocks and placing it on top of an increasingly wobbly structure!

Perfect for all ages this game really helps to develop fine motor skills and manual dexterity along with problem solving and strategic thinking. The moment of truth for me is always once I have committed to one block and then seeing another piece I wish I had chosen instead! The game ends when the tower falls or if any other piece falls other than the one being moved, and the winner is the last person to remove and place a block successfully.


Again, one of the reasons we love this game is that you only need paper and pen to create it and I remember many rainy caravan holidays playing this with my family when I was younger. Dating back to World War I, this two-player game is played on two grids with letters along the top (A to J) and numbers down the side (1 to 10). On one grid you secretly place your fleet made up of the following ships

2 Battleships = 4 squares
3 Cruisers = 3 square
4 Submarines = 3 squares
5 Destroyers = 2 squares

You then each take shots at the other players ships by calling out a grid reference and once a ship has been completely sunk, you must call out “You’ve sunk my battleship!” The winner is the one who destroys the other players fleet first.

These are just some of our favourite traditional board games – great for lockdown or rainy days – which one will you play first?!