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Activities To Do With Kids Indoors This Winter

A rainy day when you have planned to enjoy the outdoors can be a real let down, especially when you have got kids to entertain! This can get particularly hard throughout the winter and over school holidays when kids spend a concentrated amount of time in one place. Our list of activities to do with kids indoors could help see you through what’s left of the bad weather, but beyond that, too! Our ideas are low-cost, adaptable and can be taken with you on holiday, just in case!


Baking may seem like a nightmare, but if you embrace the temporary mess, you can make some really great, delicious treats with everyone from tots to teens. Baking doesn’t have to be that complicated, or that messy. Look up mug cakes, which are contained little portions and need very minimal equipment to cook.

Alternatively, the really fun bit is always the decorating. If you are short on equipment, why not purchase plain short bread, biscuits or fairy cakes and let the little ones decorate them. You can mix up some icing sugar using just two ingredients and create fun, swirling, sparkling designs. One of the best bits is that there’s a treat for everyone at then end!

Make A Home Movie

The technological advancement from allowing kids to put on their own show or performance, kids of all ages can star in, direct and produce their own movie using smart phone apps. They can choose to use clips of footage that has previously been taken and spend hours playing with the transitions, effects and sounds. Alternatively, they could decide to shoot new scenes, perhaps acted out or just candid shots of the family enjoying their holiday altogether.

The best part is you will end up with a sweet, nostalgic video to look back on for years to come. This is a great way for kids to develop their tech skills and creativity, in a productive and healthy way! The grown ups might learn a thing to two, too!

Scavenger Hunt

This does require a little more planning but is so worth it! You can take advantage of any space available to you, indoors, outdoors, around a park or a beach. You can also adjust the quest for different children, depending on their age or ability.

Put together little clues and get the kids (or adults) to run and collect each item until the last location. The first team or individual that has all the correct stuff, wins!

Build A Tent

As activities to do with kids indoors go, this is a timeless classic. Allow your kids to get creative and constructive. This activity is extremely stimulating and feels very cheeky, but actually allows them to practice their problem solving and ingenuity. One of the challenges of building a tent or fort is using the materials and things that are available to you – which means you can take it anywhere!

Some Other Rainy Day Activities With Kids:

Go to see a show:

Kid friendly shows are fantastic! They encourage shouting, singing, play, dance and everyone’s involvement – that’s adults, too. Here at Welcome Family, our entertainment schedule is jam-packed of family favourites, and one of the reasons our guests come back to us year after year, so we know how great a show out can be!

Go to an indoor pool:

Swimming is great, low-impact exercise for the whole body. That means, it’s a great way to tire your kids out, perfect if they have been cooped up for a couple of days!


This is another one of those low-cost, awesome activities to do with kids indoors that feels like a treat. Although the seaside or the arcades might be associated with sunny weather, they are all indoors and can be enjoyed whatever the weather! It doesn’t cost much to enjoy the penny machines for hours, or spend their lot on air hockey games altogether, dance tournaments and so much more!

If you are looking for a great way to break up your summer holiday or half term breaks, come on down to Welcome Family’s South Devon holiday park. We have so much planned and so much to do, whatever the weather! Surrounded by beaches and great things to see and do, you can chill out and enjoy the park’s inclusive atmosphere or get out and explore!