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Fun Family Staycation Ideas

Never heard of a staycation? Well, they’re the same as a vacation, but you take them in your local area or at home. They’re a great way to prioritise quality time with your family and maximise the time you can spend together. They are also perfect for those who are operating on a budget, because you don’t have to worry about expensive transport costs for all of you! Family staycations also help you to explore the place you already live, you and your little ones might find a new hobby, a new favourite place or just memories that will last a lifetime.

A staycation doesn’t necessarily have a timeframe, but it’s usually a long weekend or just a couple of days. These fun family staycation ideas are affordable and always kid-friendly, but they can be built into a bigger week off, like a half term, or simply an exciting, stimulating way to break up the summer holidays.

Plan A Full Day Out In A Nearby City

We understand that planning all day activities with kids can be exhausting. Depending on their age, there could be a lot of planning and packing to make sure you’ve got everything you could possibly need for a day out. This is actually one of the ways our park holidays Devon are so popular, because you can plan awesome activities, and pop back to the apartment or premier caravan for a quick change of clothes or nap when you need it. If you are unable to make it down to visit us, other fun family staycation ideas could involve you visiting a nearby city.

We often overlook the exciting parts of the places we live and work, but so frequently, there are great things to see and do! You can book cheap train tickets into cities around the country, with many offering kid’s tickets for as little as £1. For some little ones, travelling by train can be half the fun!

Remember, fun family staycation ideas don’t have to be expensive. For example, London museums like the science and natural history museum are interactive and educational, and totally free for all! You could plan your visit around a show or cinema visit, for which there are great deals to be found online. You can check out our lists of fun things to do in Exeter and other nearby cities for more ideas. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter is a family favourite, showcasing interactive displays and exciting exhibitions all year round. This is also free for everyone to enjoy!

Beach Days

If you want to plan a day or two away but don’t fancy traipsing around the city (or you have already knocked everything off your bucket list), why not plan an overnight stay at the beach. This only has to be one night, you could check out family rooms at a beachside hotel or to keep things cheap, cheerful and cosy, you could always book to stay at a family friendly holiday park. The beaches around Welcome Family’s holiday park are utterly fantastic!

You’ll feel like you’re really getting away by staying overnight. Bringing it back to basics with camping or even in a hotel room, without mobile phones and larger distractions, is the best kind of quality time for you all to enjoy together! If you are unable to get away for the evening, because camping isn’t allowed or because time does not permit, you can still make a real day of it! Take a beach barbeque with you to cook up a breakfast, take a picnic lunch and don’t forget a little extra for an ice cream or treat in the evening to watch the sunset with.

Back Garden Camping

If you really are pushed for time or are just looking for a way to make a weekend memorable, set up a tent in the back garden, get all the duvets, blankets and pillows together and bundle on up together. You could really embrace the experience and make smores (top tip – use a disposable barbeque), or set up a projector to watch a movie against the wall of the house. You can get these really cheap online and just use your mobile phone.  Although it might be low key, it can be spontaneous and really intimate, which is really what fun family staycations are all about!

Enjoy A Short Break With Welcome Family

Fun family staycation ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our lovely holiday park. We are proud to boast a fantastic, inclusive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. One of the best things about choosing to spend your staycation with us, is that it’s as relaxing for parents as it is exciting for kids!

With so much to do nearby, you can plan city escape days, traipses through the countryside, splashing days at the beach and then retire to your own, private space to relax. You can do all this in just one weekend, with the very best of Devon and the south coast on our doorstep. Get in touch today to book your break, today!