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Caravan holidays in Devon

Caravan holidays in Devon are very hard to beat – enjoy being close to nature but with all your creature comforts too, all in a beautiful location with lots to do.

If you want a holiday that combines all the best attributes of hotels, B&Bs and tents – but without their pitfalls – caravanning is a very smart choice. And we may be biased, but we think caravan holidays in Devon are very hard to beat.

Here’s a look at why…


The benefits of caravan holidays in Devon

Since the recession kicked in a few years ago, more and more we hear the phrase ‘We can’t afford to go on holiday this year’.

But we Brits have a natural ability to ‘make do’ with what we have; we’re good in times of crisis. It’s this spirit that’s seen a massive increase in ‘home holidays’ and day trips in recent times, but do you know what? As it turns out, you can get all you would from a foreign holiday – and more besides – without leaving UK shores. So if you’re sick of soaring plane fares, awkward timetables, and impossible luggage restrictions, here’s some good news… you don’t have to bother!

If you want a holiday that combines all the best attributes of hotels, B&Bs and tents – but without their pitfalls – caravanning is a very smart choice. And we may be biased, but we think caravan holidays in Devon are very hard to beat.

Here’s a look at why…

First of all, there are the reasons already mentioned: cost and easy travel. In addition, here are five other factors worth considering:

  1. Everything you need is all in one place

In a caravan, you’re as close to nature as you would be in a tent, but without losing out on creature comforts. Caravans are home-from-home and come with all the mod cons your house has, but with the added luxury of being close to nature. Could you get that in a hotel?

  1. Set your own schedule with time for yourself

Caravans are self-catering, so you aren’t under the control of a hotel’s mealtime schedule. Simply cook and eat when you choose unrestricted by a tent’s lack of space and electrical facilities.

One aspect of holidays that parents bemoan (perhaps more than any other!) is the absence of grown-up time! In a crowded tent or hotel room, how rare is the chance to unwind, chat and enjoy a tipple or two? Caravans have separate rooms, so when the kids are tucked up you can sit under the stars with that silence you’ve been craving for so long! But with the knowledge that your little ones are safe and sound, mere inches away.

  1. Caravan holidays in Devon are family-friendly

And while we’re on the subject, caravan sites offer a family-friendly aspect that can sometimes be lacking in hotels, B&Bs and tent campsites. Ever heard of a caravan stag-do? I’d imagine they’re quite rare. Alternately, would partying teenagers be inspired to ditch their tents for a more homely form of outdoor accommodation? Not likely. Caravans traditionally attract a more peaceful breed of holidaymaker, and as such offer the perfect backdrop for family life.

  1. Plenty to explore and do – for all ages

Now, the economic situation may have encouraged an upsurge of caravan holidays in Devon, but guess what? Once upon a time, before foreign holidays were cheap, it was the standard way to holiday! Back in the old days, the problem of ‘the weather’ was tackled well. Countless UK campsites (equipped with facilities, activities, and services) sprung up to counter the limitations of rainy days.  These sites still exist, and Welcome Family is one of them.

What’s more, we don’t just provide you with somewhere to stay, but also offer many things to do. Our site is a world of its own, with three swimming pools, play area, sports ground, adventure playground and crazy golf. For adults, there are shops, a restaurant, garden displays and – if you fancy getting away from the caravan at night – entertainment by our very own show team.

  1. Attractions galore on your doorstep

And we don’t just cater for rainy days! The nearest beach is a short, level walk away. So why bother packing the car if you don’t need to?

If you do decide to take a drive, South Devon surrounds you! It’s world-famous for its beaches and scenery, and a haven for surfing, golf and all manner of sports and pastimes. There are also zoos, theme parks, museums, landmarks and international attractions such as Kent’s Cavern. You really are spoilt for choice, and that’s without mentioning the renowned English Riviera.

Welcome Family – for perfect caravan holidays in Devon

As I say, caravanning is not new to us Brits, but this type of holiday has moved with the times and offers much, much more than an answer to financial woes and difficult travel.

Caravanning gives us the opportunity to enjoy what nature has provided on our very own doorstep, but without the danger of our notorious weather spoiling it! Why not give caravan holidays in Devon a go? Rest assured, Welcome Family will take care of the rest.