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UK Holiday Parks: The Best Family Holidays In The UK

UK holiday parks are worlds in themselves with all the facilities your family needs for health and safety, and countless activities and services for all ages.

Whether you have kids or not, most of us view holidays – at least once a year – as an essential ingredient for a happy and healthy life. We all need a break to recharge the batteries.

UK Holiday Parks: How To Have The Best Family Holidays In The UK

Whether you have kids or not, most of us view holidays – at least once a year – as an essential ingredient for a happy and healthy life. We all need a break to recharge the batteries.

If you do have children, a holiday is so much more than an escape from the humdrum of everyday life. Think back to your own childhood: can you chart your growth through the milestones of these yearly outings? Did you make new friends, discover enchanting new places, and learn so much more about life than any school could teach? We certainly did! And I’m sure we’re not alone.

Family holidays in the UK serve not only to give us a break from the day-to-day, but also to help us grow, understand each other and learn more about the ‘big wide world’. From another angle, they’re simply about memories. In years to come, your most cherished possessions could well be those treasured holiday snaps of you all having fun together – and that’s priceless.

Why go abroad? It’s all here!

In recent years, economic woes and increased airfares have seen a downturn in foreign holidays. But, to be honest, we can’t understand why they became so popular in the first place!

Actually, that’s a white lie because every Brit knows the main reason – our famous weather. But think about it carefully for a minute… do children actually crave the sun as much as we do?

Every day is an adventure to children, and I’m sure you remember being as happy splashing in puddles as you were building sandcastles! Quite simply, it’s adventures, which family holidays in the UK do best. Back in the days when foreign holidays were impossible, we Brits were more like children. We sought new experiences and activities, rather than long lazy days in the sun.

And by adventure, we don’t just mean the adrenalin rush or the buzz of a theme park. There’s also the adventure of learning – through museums, historical landmarks and countless festivals and events our country has to offer. The weather should be only one small aspect of a great holiday, so why let it be the ‘be all and end all’?

However, if you still feel it is, then you’ll still be pleasantly surprised! Here’s a fact you may not know: the UK has no less than FIVE beaches in the top 25 Travellers’ Choice Top 25 Beaches in Europe list. Impressed? Well, these paradises are right on your doorstep, mere hours and minutes away. Feel free to laze to your heart’s content, if that’s what you want!

UK Holiday Parks

Let’s summarise the basics. Family holidays in the UK give you:

  • More affordable travel costs
  • Less hassle with airport delays, arranging passports etc
  • Room for more luggage in the car/van
  • No language difficulties
  • No need to change money/phone arrangements etc
  • Better access to hospitals and healthcare


If you do decide to stay on home soil, you’ll need to decide which accommodation is best for you and your family. You may think that hotels and B&Bs offer the best home comforts, but you could find that you miss the ‘getting close to nature’ aspect. In addition, you have to abide by hotel timetables (i.e. mealtimes etc), and run the risk of having a riotous stag party as your holiday neighbours! And what’s more, they’re usually the most expensive option too.


Camping and Glamping sites are much more affordable, and offer the ‘nature’ prospect in spades too. But often these sites are in remote, hard-to-access areas with little or no facilities. For this option, you really are dependent on a rain-free stay! And let’s face it. If you’re away for a week or more, this is highly unlikely!


For the holiday that combines the comfort of hotels and the ‘great outdoors’ aspect of campsites – with the affordability to boot – you can do no better than UK holiday parks. Besides these two major factors, however, is something still more appealing…


UK holiday parks are not just means of accommodation, but worlds in themselves. Besides all the facilities your family needs for health and safety, they offer countless activities and services for all ages, and are easily accessible. They give the freedom to come and go as you like, but with the security and safety-in-numbers to reassure you.


Welcome Family – for perfect Devon family holidays in the UK


From the heart of South Devon, Welcome Family is a UK holiday park that offers lodges, bungalows, caravans, apartments and pet-friendly accommodation to suit whatever your needs may be… and at affordable prices too.


All the beauty of Devon (with its world-class beaches, tourist attractions, retail therapy and the famous English Riviera of Torquay), is within easy reach of the holiday park. And then there’s surfing, golf, kayaking and all manner of sports close by too. For the whole family, there’s no chance of boredom on this part of the South coast!


But as mentioned earlier, if the weather is a little dodgy (or you just fancy a lazy day), you may just want to hang around on site. Well to be honest, you couldn’t go wrong here either. With swimming pools, a play area, sports ground, adventure playground, crazy golf, amusement arcade and kids’ clubs, the only problem will be not having enough time! But if you just want to have some fun by the waves, without taking the car, our nearby beach is within walking distance. You’d be forgiven for not going anywhere else!


But let’s not forget: holidays aren’t just about daytime. If you fancy some entertainment, we have you covered. Inside our Cruisers Club Lounge you can relax, unwind and let Mark Price and the Bluecoats delight you. They’ve got a weekly programme set up for the whole summer, so why not check it out? It may even be your only reason for visiting us!


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