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Eco Friendly Holiday Tips: How To Get To Our Holiday Park Whilst Being Eco Conscious

Eco friendly travel is becoming more and more important as we realise the impact of our jet fuel, petrol cars and carbon emissions. Here at Welcome Family, we are certainly becoming more aware of our impact on the world. If you are a regular visitor, you might start to notice some changes around our South Devon holiday park as we practice what we preach and put some sustainable, eco-friendly changes in place. Until then, our eco friendly holiday tips could help you cut back on how much your getaway is affecting the planet.

We think it’s a great idea to teach kids about their carbon footprint as early as possible, after all, they are leading the charge against climate change across the world! These are just a few eco friendly holiday tips that could help you reach our park with minimal impact on the environment!

Travel By Train

Our holiday park in South Devon is a stone’s throw from Dawlish Warren train station, which makes it the perfect way to travel. Travelling by train is a low-impact, eco-friendly way to reach us but it can also be incredibly relaxing. Travelling without a car and enjoying the gentle lull of the train could just provide even more quality time to spend with your family. Choosing to make the journey by train could also save you time, especially if you are coming from further afield.

Dawlish Warren train station is just a couple of stops from Exeter’s main station. From here, you can go anywhere in the country, express trainlines from London, Bristol and other stops along the south coast are all a simple and enjoyable journey. Cities as far as Manchester can still reach Exeter’s main train station in just over 4 hours.

Don’t forget, if you are travelling with kids or in a group, make sure you check out deals for tickets online. One of our eco friendly holiday tips for travel is make sure you book in advanced to reap the biggest benefits!

Take The Bus

Often, major national bus services run extreme sales and journeys for as little as £1. These bus services run from all major towns and cities in the UK. This could be the makings of a budget break! Although the bus might not have the same time-savings as the train, it could work out a lot cheaper, and for many people, it could also be more convenient, travelling at all times of day and night.

Rent An Eco Friendly Car

Cars do provide guests with the convenience of packing as much as they would like. When you have a family or are staying in a self-catering facility, we understand how important this could be, even though our accommodations are all full equipped for you to just turn up and start relaxing. If you are sure you can’t do without your car or are keen to do a lot of exploring in remote places whilst you are here, why not rent an eco-friendly car.

Major companies like Enterprise Cars could provide you with an electric or hybrid car to use whilst on holiday. This means you won’t clock up miles or wear and tear on your family vehicle, your fuel costs will be almost minimal, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment!

 When You’re Here:

Welcome Family Holiday Park is an exciting and inviting place to spend a break or a family holiday. Our jam-packed entertainment schedule and things to do around the park keeps lots of people amused throughout the entirety of their stay. The beautiful beach is within walking distance, too.

As we have already mentioned, Dawlish Warren train station is also right on our door step. If you are looking at things to do in Exeter, this could be the best, eco friendly way to travel.

If you do decide to travel without a car, we could help you work out how to get around when you are here. Our friendly staff are always happy to help!