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How to Keep the Kids Busy Whilst Working From Home

Working from home is difficult for many as there are often a lot more distractions than there would be working in the office. But with the children also being home, this can present a whole range of new challenges. From home-schooling, to keeping them entertained it can be a lot to juggle. To help you get this balance just right, we have compiled a list of some of the ways you can keep your kids occupied whilst you work from home.

Planning Is Crucial

When working from home, planning is crucial. Not only do you need to stay organised in your working environment, but you also need to ensure that the kids have enough to do to allow you time to work. Therefore, to combat this planning your day the night before can help to create an exciting daily routine for your children. Whether it is a series of activities or educational activities scattered through the day, this is a simple way to keep them occupied.

Make Use Of Mobile Apps

If your children spend a lot of time on the computer or on a tablet, using mobile apps can be the perfect way to keep them entertained. With educational content on Youtube Kids and several games for them to play, you can provide them with hours of entertainment. Though it is important to monitor this screen time througho8ut the day, these educational apps can provide you with the perfect break you need to get work done. They can be found on both Android and IOS devices and many of them are highly recommended by teaches as a great learning resource.

Get Creative

Another brilliant way to keep the kids entertained is to allow them to get creative. Whether you provide them with drawing materials, paints or Lego, this can encourage them to enjoy independent play for hours on end. This is a great break for you to be able to work whilst your kids enjoy creating. This can then be reinforced by placing artwork or creations around the house. This will help to encourage your children and make them enjoy this part of the day. This is a great tool to unlock imagination and gives you the freedom you need to work.

Set Them Tasks

Setting your children, a task at the beginning of every day is an effective way to encourage teamwork and keep them occupied. Whether it is cleaning the playroom, cleaning their rooms or making the perfect drawing for pride of place on the fridge, this can keep them occupied for longer. This can be encouraged through the use of a reward system at the end of the day. These rewards can range from a dessert after dinner to a choice of film for family film night. This will help to instil a sense of achievement.

Enlist Help From Teachers

The final way that you can keep the ids entertained when working from home is by enlisting the help of their teachers. A majority of schools provide learning resourced and websites that parents can use to help entertain their children in a fun and educational way. This is either achieved through emails or newsletters and could prove valuable during this time. Alternatively, you can send an email to your children’s teacher directly to ask for any additional resources. This is a way of providing educational resources that will benefit them when they return to school, whilst making it fun.

With this in mind, there are several educational and fun ways though can keep your children entertained, whilst allowing you to work from home efficiently. Will you be trying any of these techniques in the coming weeks?