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How To Keep Your Kids Off Mobile Phones

With technology improving all the time, mobile phones are becoming more addictive, especially for children. From taking pictures to playing games and messaging their friends, these multi-functional devices have their benefits, but can also have their downsides too as kids struggle to stay away from them for even a few minutes. So, how do you keep your kids off mobile phones?

Keep Your Kids Engaged

Nowadays, children tend to spend more time inside, as opposed to climbing trees and playing with their friends outdoors. In turn, this can lead to more screen time, as they find it difficult to find engaging alternatives. To prevent this from happening, at the weekend and in the school holidays, have engaging trips and activities planned for them. Whether you choose to take them to a playground, to visit the Zoo or even take them away for a break in the UK. By providing them with fun activities to take part in and keep them occupied, they won’t have time to think about spending time on their phones and will make the most of spending time with you and with their friends too.

Restrict The Usage Time

Children will spend all their time glued to their mobile phones if they can, so it’s important that you restrict their usage time. Discourage the use of mobiles during mealtimes, bedtime, playtime and homework time, as this not only limits their time on the phone, but allows them to concentrate on their studies, spend quality time with their friends and family, and get a good night’s sleep.

Set Passwords

If your child doesn’t have their own device, set passwords on your mobile, so they can only play on the phone when you give them permission to do so. Not only will this restrict the time they spend on the phone, but they must find alternative activities to entertain themselves with.

Set A Good Example

Children look up to their parents and guardians as role models. Therefore, if you tell them that they can’t spend time on their mobile phone, you must set a good example and not be glued to your own screen. If your profession requires you to use your mobile, ensure that you do it where your children can’t see you using the device.

Provide Exciting Alternatives

As previously mentioned, an easy way to limit the time your child spends on their mobile phone, is to provide exciting alternatives. Organise activities with their friends, take them out on day trips and even provide them with trips to look forward to. They will appreciate the world around them more, as opposed to staring at their screen all day.

For example, if you’re on a mini break, organise day trips to explore the area you’re staying in and only allow them to use their phones if they want to take pictures so they can remember the trip in the future.

Spend Quality Time Together

It’s important that you make the time to spend quality time together with your children; from playing board games, to cooking and even gardening, there are a number of ways that you can bond as a family and keep away from smartphones. You can also encourage your children to take part in new hobbies and show an interest in the hobby with them too.

If you’re staying with us in one of our holiday parks in Devon, not only do we have plenty of fun activities at the holiday park, from fun in the swimming pool to exciting evening entertainment, but South Devon is a great location to explore and spend time together away from screens. If you choose to stay with us, we can provide you with a list of our engaging activities that will be available for you and your children to take part in during your stay.