Mr Poodlebum Dolls Now Available!

Mr Poodlebum at Devon Holiday Park
8th Oct 2019

Young visitors to Welcome Family Holiday Park love the silly Mr Poodlebum.  He’s well known for getting into a scrape or two, whether it be with an alien, ghost, tv character or his lovely and equally silly Granny.


Mr Poodlebum launches his own YouTube Channel!

At our Holiday Park in Devon, Mr Poodlebum has very silly adventures 3 evenings a week on stage at Cruisers Club. It’s all part of our fabulous nightly entertainment programme where there’s something for everyone aged 1 – 101.  But now, when your Devon holiday is over, the kids can still see the crazy antics of Mr Poodlebum and subscribe to on his own YouTube channel!

Why not take home a Mr Poodlebum Rag Doll?

Mr Poodlebum is so popular with children when they are on their holiday with us, we’ve now immortalized him with his very own doll.  Kids can take a Mr Poodlebum doll home with them and act out their very own adventures.  Where will he go I wonder? We’d love to hear about the adventures you take Mr Poodlebum on so please tell us about them by messaging us on our Facebook page or on our contact form


2020 will be Mr Poodlebum’s 5th Season at Welcome

Mr Poodlebum first came to Devon for his holiday’s in 2016 and we’re delighted that will be back for an amazing fifth season at Welcome Family Holiday Park in 2020.  We don’t know yet what mishaps or adventures he will be having but we do know that whatever he and Granny Poodlebum do in 2020 it will be downright silly and fun to watch.


 Mr Poodlebum Rag Doll is available to purchase from reception for £9, he is a great addition to to our collection of Welcome Family branded merchandise.