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Oh we do Like to be Beside the Seaside!

Being by the seaside is really good for you!

Did you know that there is actually a word for how amazing it can be to spend time at the seaside?

Thalassotherapy – pronounced thalosso-therapy – originates from the Greek word “thalassa” meaning sea and “therapeia” meaning healing.

There have been many studies over the years that have confirmed that there is a link between the sea and good health, not that we needed proof or a very long word to know that it was true, so here are some of the reasons we love to be beside the seaside.

Just being close to the beach can be enough to you to be more active!

We are lucky here at Welcome to just be a short walk to the shore. For anyone who is not fully able to make the walk from the park, there is a car park next to the beach with level access. Exercise can often be mistaken for a gruelling workout or sweaty class, but a gentle stroll along the sand with the family can far outweigh a 60-minute circuit training class!

As you walk along the sand you will get considerably more exercise that walking on a flatter surface. Your body is continually reacting to the uneven surface giving your legs and your tummy a fabulous workout without even realising it and if you go barefoot – it’ll give the soles of your feet a little sand spa too!

Are you one of those lucky people brave enough to venture into the sea for a swim?

I must admit I’m a fair-weather sea swimmer but I know many people that swim every single day of the year – even Christmas Day – eeek! If you are, you will already know how fabulous you feel after a dip. Seawater swimming activates your body’s natural healing process using the vitamins and minerals such as salt and potassium chloride found in the water. This helps to boost your immunity and serve as a natural antibiotic and antibacterial agent.

The salt in seawater also aids your mental wellbeing by preserving melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin levels in your brain, all of which fight off depression.

The beach can have an amazing impact on your mental well-being too!

Sea air contains negative ions which speed up your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and balance your serotonin levels, a chemical in your body linked to happiness. This is one of the main reasons why after a trip to the beach you will feel more relaxed and energised.

Sitting back and listening to the sound of the waves lapping on the sand as the sea breeze ripples through your hair actually changes your brain patterns. If you allow yourself to tune into them, even if only for a few moments, it will make you feel relaxed and peaceful and leave you revitalised and rejuvenated.

It’s kind of like a little bit of meditation and can really help put some worries into perspective. Meditation brings with it visions of sitting with crossed legs and closed eyes, but this doesn’t need to be the case. A few well spent moments at the beach listening and looking help reduce stress, improve spontaneity and peace of mind, increase happiness and creativity. The fresh air and big open views of the sea and the sky can literally open your mind to a new way of looking at things that our day to day lives can often hide.

Making the most of this beautiful resort

Here are a few little tips from us on how you can make the most of the seaside on your next stay with us a Welcome Family:

Try to go to the beach every day. Even if the weather isn’t great and you only spend a few minutes there, you will definitely feel the benefit when you get back and put the kettle on.

Make a date with the family to watch a beach sunset or sunrise. We are just a couple of minutes walk to the beach making it easier to take the time to get together and either welcome in a new day or sit back and appreciate the one you have just had.

At least once during your stay, if you are able to make it onto the beach, try and get everyone to get a bit of seawater on their skin. Whether you take your shoes and socks off or strip down to your swimmers, a splash in the water will leave you all feeling full of life and love!

One thing that we really love to do is leave our gadgets behind – not just because the sand is very bad for your phone – they can stop you from actually being where you are. Going gadgetless on the beach with friends and family means you will be totally involved with everyone and everything around you and will spend longer in your memory as you will have absorbed the sights, sound and smells all around you.

More beach time and more Welcome Family memories for you to keep – what could be better…?!