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Trivia Questions To Warm Up For The Family Trivia Quiz

Trivia quizzes are an old favourite and an absolute classic for a reason! They’re interactive and a fantastic way to get the whole family involved. Here at Welcome Family, we host a family friendly trivia quiz at the cruisers club every single Saturday throughout the season. We choose to feature it here because it’s a great way to warm up your sea legs and start to relax into your holiday. Saturday is the most popular date for changeovers and our busiest night in the club, hosting this event means we can give you a proper welcome for your first night at our family holiday parks in Devon, getting to meet new guests and old familiar faces once again.

We do make sure there are questions for all abilities and age groups, including some of the below (whether or not they feature in the quiz, you’ll have to turn up to find out!). You can consider this list of the most popular trivia question a fantastic way to warm up that general knowledge we know you’ve got hidden up your sleeve – why not even use this quiz as a great car game to get everyone excited on the way down. Let us know how many you get right!

Q1: What Is The Capital Of Australia

A1: Canberra

This is popular because a lot of people automatically jump to Sydney, Australia’s biggest city!

Q2: What Is The Largest Fish In The Ocean

A2: Whale Shark

Another question with a twist because of the confusing name!

Q3: Who Is Mickey Mouse’s Girlfriend?

A3: Minnie Mouse

A nice easy one but might be worth talking through all the gang.

Q4: How Many Planets Are In Our Solar System – 1 Bonus Point For Each Planet Named

A4: 8, Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

There’s lots of songs and ways to remember this popular trivia question, always worth trying to score those extra points!

Q5: What Is The Name Of The Toy Cowboy In Toy Story? Bonus Points For The Name That Is Written On His Boot

A5: Woody & Andy

Everybody’s favourite cartoon cowboy is a classic question at a family friendly quiz – will it feature at ours?

Q6: Name All The Patron Saints Of The UK

A6: St Andrew, St David, St George, St Patrick

This is a hard one, the chances are you can name three and forget the fourth. Don’t get them mixed up with other saints!

Q7: Who Led A Gang Of Outlaws In Sherwood Forest

A7: Robin Hood

There might be extra points if you can remember his famous cohort, Little John!

Q8: What Is The Smallest State In America? / What Is The Biggest State?

A8: Rhode Island / Alaska

This might be another tricky one, you’re going to have to really know your US knowledge. The biggest state also throws a bit of a curve ball because many people automatically think of Texas, but Texas can fit inside the state of Alaska more than twice.

Q9: Which Four British Cities Have Underground Rail Systems?

A9: Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle & London

One or two might be quite easy to get, but this is a great question to see if you can score some extra points!

Q10: Who Wrote The Lord Of The Rings / Harry Potter / A Popular Trilogy

A10: J R R Tolkien / J K Rowling

It might be worth brushing up on your favourite authors and the best book and film series as these are extremely popular trivia questions. If you’re studying up before a Saturday night, maybe think about some of the directors of these smash hits, too!

Q11: Who Was Henry VIII’s First Wife?

A11: Catherine of Aragon

When there’s three Catherines this can get especially tricky!

Q12: When Did The First/Second World War Begin & End?

A12: First – 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918 / Second – 1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945

A lot of quizzes give a point for each part of the answer that you get correct, including day, month and year!

Q13: In Thunderbirds, What Was The Name Of Lady Penelope’s Chauffeur?

A13: Parker

Such an icon in her pink Rolls Royce, but who was her driver!!

Q14: Kangaroos Can Only Jump Forwards: True Or False

A14: False

Kangaroos can jump backwards but only a really tiny amount. This is a really popular question, especially because it causes such great debates and sometimes and impression or two!

Q15: The Earth’s Rotation Is Slowing Down: True Or False

A15: True, by less than a second every century.

Let’s find out who’s got the best planetary and science knowledge in the team!

We’re hoping to see you on the Saturday night of your stay, whether it’s you and some friends or the whole extended family. Start brainstorming team names and we’ll see you soon!

If you’ve not yet booked your stay at Welcome Family this year, check out our deals and book as soon as you can!