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Why You Should Attend Our Origami Workshop

Origami is an exciting, challenging yet peaceful activity for kids – but really for people of all ages – which is why it’s one of the fantastic features in our entertainment programme this year at our Family Holiday Park in Devon. All our guests are welcome to get involved with everything we have to offer, but if you need a little extra convincing, here are just some of the reasons you and your family should join in at our origami workshops.

Origami Is Super Relaxing!

Origami at any level can be extremely therapeutic. Research shows that it’s a peaceful activity that actually brings a great deal of emotional satisfaction. This could be a fantastic way to break up an action-packed holiday and enjoy some chilled time, slowing down rather than running around on the beach for a little while (although we love that, too!).

Although there’s no right way to spend a holiday, we’ve been in the business a long time now and find that having a little variety and taking a break to enjoy an indoor activity at your leisure can be great way to break up your day.

Children Won’t Even Know How Much They’re Learning

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper. The different animals, characters and shapes you can make actually have different meanings. For example, paper cranes are thought to bring good luck and are often given as presents. Although there are loads of facts and interesting nuggets of information like this, there’s even better learning benefits for children.

Origami is recognised as one of the ways to teach STEAM (science technology engineering art and mathematics). Research shows that it helps children develop and enhance their cognitive skills, including problem solving and logistical thinking. They have to follow step by step instructions, which helps develop knowledge of formulas and sequences. It’s also recognised to help with spatial awareness because it is a hands on learning technique that is fine-tuning very small movements.

There’s Even More Benefits For Younger Children

You might already be aware, but arts and crafts are a fantastic way for children to boost their imagination and express themselves. Yet, one of the other benefits is the impact it has on their fine motor skills. Children who are learning to fold and follow lines are using their fingers, perhaps in ways they never have before. Children who learn to be good with this kind of small motor function are proven to have good rhythm and hand eye coordination as they grow older, perhaps because of all the nerve endings in the fingertips that send signals to the brain.

It’s A Challenge For Everyone

It’s a great one for everyone to get involved in. One of our favourite things about our origami workshop is that it’s something a little different, not many adults know what they’re doing to begin with either. This means it’s a funny and enjoyable bonding experience, learning something new together and comparing the final products. If you are unable to attend the origami workshop yourself, children might enjoy teaching you what they picked up – passing on knowledge like this actually helps little one’s build confidence!

It’s Good To Try Something New

Whether you are learning to swim, trying a new food or going somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s always good to add to the things you like! We make sure our workshops are fun and exciting for everyone – at all ages, levels and abilities – because you never know when something could spark. This is a great rainy day activity to take away from your holiday with benefits to enjoy for years to come! All you have to do is come along to our workshop during your stay!