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Zero Waste Holidays: Sustainable Shopping In Devon

We’re all becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of enjoying a well-deserved break. From the fuel required for planes to the effect of travel-sized toiletries damaging lovely locations around the world, this is something we are all opening our eyes to, including us here at Welcome Family Holiday Park.

We want our customers to enjoy the stunning South Devon beaches, the rugged coastline and all the things to do in Dartmoor for years to come. Yet, to do that, we all need to be a little more conscious. Returning visitors might notice a few more changes around our park as we have plans to prioritise recycling and other eco-friendly practices. Although we aren’t able to provide zero waste holidays, our self-catering facilities still mean you can make sustainable, conscious choices about your getaway. Here in Devon, we are fortunate that there are ways you can shop sustainably and enjoy your holiday.

Zero waste holidays are a great way to teach kids the importance of prioritising and protecting the environment. Make it a fun activity to put these practices in place, even if you are unable to be completely neutral at home, zero waste holidays are a fantastic step in the right direction. These are the ways you can shop sustainably in Devon:

The House Of Green – Tiverton

Once just a market stall, The House Of Green built up a fantastic local following and have now put themselves on the map for zero waste shopping. They source goods from local areas, so nothing has travelled very far.

The premise is simple, you bring your own jars, Tupperware, boxes, bags – anything you need to carry and transport the goods you need home. You also take exactly what you need. This is one of the best things about using a sustainable shop for zero waste holidays, there’s no unnecessary wastage that gets thrown out when it’s time to leave. After taking what you need, everything is weighed, and you pay for the goods you take.

Another big plus for the House Of Green, one of the quickest ways to get to Tiverton from Dawlish is by train. There’s a direct route, with no changes and it’s reasonably priced, too. Taking the train adds to your zero waste holiday and helps make a shopping trip more of a day-out event for kids.

Earth Food Love – Totnes

This is another supermarket-style independent shop where you can shop organically for your zero waste holiday. It is similar to The House Of Green, selling products from food to neutral, vegan toothbrushes! What a great activity to teach kids about being mindful of the mark they are leaving on the earth.

We have also included this in our list of places to shop for your zero waste holiday because Totnes is also a lovely place to visit, wander and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll find microbreweries, places to eat and explore along the river Dart when you visit.

Local Markets

There are loads of local, organic markets, particularly through the summer, if you are looking to purchase produce and embrace a zero waste holiday. The key is to remember your own bags to avoid plastic packaging.

Many of the markets also have homemade lifestyle wares and goodies. This is a great way to treat the kids or buy a souvenir for someone back home, perhaps to say thanks for watering the plants.

Embracing The Zero Waste Lifestyle, Even For Just A Holiday

Zero waste holidays can be tricky, particularly with kids when there is loads of washing and sometimes, as much as we try, some things do just have to be disposable! However, it is important to remember that every little bit you can do to protect the environment around you, including leaving cultural and natural landmarks how you found them. One of our biggest attractions are the stunning sands of the Dawlish Warren and the fantastic Devon coast. We want all our visitors to enjoy this and making sure you pack up your rubbish and take it with you to recycle properly is one way you can protect -and teach kids to care – about the environment.

If you are also looking to shop more sustainably, whilst on your zero waste holiday or just in everyday life back home, you might consider second hand shopping for clothes, homeware items and so much more! Although corralling the kids around a charity or vintage shop might not sound like a fun day out, searching for local boot sales certainly does, because there is very often a park or some kind of entertainment like a bouncy castle for kids to enjoy after you’ve visited all the stools.

If you are looking to reduce the waste you leave behind whilst visiting with us, we think that’s great! Our holiday park is just seconds away from Dawlish train station so you can enjoy a cheap, cheerful and conscious break when you deserve it most, get in touch today to find out more!