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Agatha Christie – the Queen of Crime – Torquay, Devon

Discover the Queen of Crime in Devon

Discover the Queen of Crime in Devon and explore the very countryside that inspired the best-selling writer of all time.

Agatha Christie is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the Best Selling Author of all time. Her books have sold a staggering 2 billion copies which makes her second only to Shakespeare and The Bible!

The Queen of Crime, as she was affectionately known, was born just a short trip down the coast from us here in Dawlish, in Torquay. Not surprisingly, this is the first stop for anyone who is on the Mystery Trail of Agatha Christie’s life, trying to work out what made her tick. There is a substantial tourist industry based around her life and works, and if you are hoping to one day write a bestseller, or are just a big fan of the numerous films and TV shows that have been inspired by her work, then a visit to Torquay simply must be on your hitlist.

It is almost impossible to live in South Devon and not develop at least a passing interest in archaeology and palaeontology. With the Jurassic Coast literally on our doorstep, and the rich history of the Celtic tribes, Romans and the seat of the Kingdom of Wessex, not to mention the ever-present romance of the smugglers and pirates who have plied their trade here, it’s easy to see why. This environment served as the setting, geographically, and historically, for Christie’s novels.

The Agatha Christie Mile

A trip to Torquay, and to the famous Agatha Christie mile is a great way to start your murder-mystery adventure here in South Devon. Did you know that Agatha Christie was a keen roller-skater and surfer? There are photos of her skating on the Princess Pier – one of the stops on the Agatha Christie Mile. You can see hotels that featured in her books, and one where she got engaged. There is a fabulous bust of hers, and of course, Torquay Train station where Joan Hickson and David Suchet (TV’s Marple and Poirot) met during the Centenary Celebrations for Christie’s life and works.

The Agatha Christie Festival

If you are a Christie buff, then there is one time in particular that you should head to Torquay, and that is in mid-September when the whole town goes completely Christie mad for the annual festival celebrating her birthday. You can expect many people who look suspiciously like Miss Marple, and plenty of fancy moustaches. On the more serious side, there are talks by writers, theatrical performances,  cookery demonstrations, posh nosh, street food, film screenings, and all manner or Christie-ana.

Whatever time of year you visit Devon, it is always worth a trip to Torquay. It’s fascinating to think of the fact that you are driving or walking through the very countryside that inspired the best-selling writer of all time. Just take a minute or two to remember, though, that Agatha Christie’s books are far more full of dastardly deeds than you will find in the real Devon, but it’s still exciting to pretend.

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