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Booking With Us Made Better for You!

There are many things that we do not know yet about 2021, but what we want you to be certain of is that you can book your holiday with us with confidence.

As we start to look forward, we have made some changes that will make booking your next holiday with us simple, clear and flexible.

We know as much as anyone how tight budgets are, so to help you get your holiday booked in, we have reduced the deposit required for all new breaks.

As usual you will need to pay the deposit when you make a booking, and the new lower amount is based on the price of your holiday as follows;

Tariff Up ToNew Deposit Amounts
Over £1,000£200

We know how upsetting it can be if you need to cancel your holiday completely, so we have also made changes to our cancellation plan to also help.

 Our Standard Cancellation Plan is included as part of your booking, but for a small additional amount you can now also benefit from our Extended Cancellation Plan.

Should you need to cancel your holiday, this is how much money you will be refunded with our Standard and our Extended Plan

Time Before Your ArrivalStandard Cancellation PlanExtended Cancellation Plan
over 6 weeks90%100%
under 6 weeks60%90%
under 4 weeks30%70%
under 2 weeksnil50%
under 2 daysnilnil%

Our Extended Cancellation Plan cost is based on the price of your basic holiday cost (so not including any extras such as pets or hire)

Holiday Cost Up To Plan Cost
Over £1,000£45

Lower deposits and improved cancellation plans are just some of the ways that we are working together to reunite our Welcome Family in 2021.

More information and can be found on the website here