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How To Organise A Holiday With The Whole Family

Planning a family holiday is so exciting – but we know it can also be a bit of challenge. Depending on how many of you there are to organise, it can become a bit of a logistical nightmare, especially when there are children of different ages that require their own routine, parts of the group that are coming from different places or just finding a time to all get together!

First thing’s first, we’ve got to tell you – it’s worth it! We have been welcoming families from far and near to our holiday parks in Devon for years and everyone always has a fantastic time, especially because we offer so much to do and the freedom to enjoy a break however you choose! Follow these tips to organise a family holiday with all your loved ones, stress free!

Narrowing Down Dates

If you’re wondering how to organise a holiday with the whole family – the first step is always choosing a date you can all get away. Today, family life is more hectic than ever and it might be that some parts of the group have a week, whilst others only have five days. That’s okay, it’s all about making a holiday work for you – you’ll just need to choose accommodation to meet your requirements!

We do recommend if you are travelling as a large group and want to stay close by or altogether that you should start investigating accommodation as soon as possible – they tend to get booked up, fast, or be in limited supply!

Choose A Destination

Again, this can be a cause for stress! To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, it is best to start talking about budgets as soon as possible, as you might be able to rule out going abroad and cut the cost of expensive air travel. Plus, travelling in your own country gives you so many more transport options and flexibility which makes it that much simpler to all enjoy a break together!

There are so many places to explore – use the internet to research places you’ve never been before. One of our top tips is if you are working with a tight budget and are just looking to spend quality time together, look for destinations where you can do a lot of things outside – these don’t cost and they’re great for everyone!

Choose Accommodation

This is perhaps the trickiest part because you will need to find accommodation that can meet everyone’s requirements. Hotels can get expensive but holiday rentals and self catering holidays, like ours, are usually your best bet!

Our accommodations can sleep up to 8 people and we also offer pet friendly holidays in Devon. This means no one get’s left behind!

A top tip when it comes to searching for accommodation is to think about the needs of your trickiest traveller. For example, if you have a really little one, it might be that you need a private space for them to stick to their sleeping schedule, cots, highchairs and specialist equipment. After you’ve found a place that nails all of that, then you’ll likely find it will suit everyone else, too.

Transportation Nightmares

This is the simplest thing to organise – just let every part of the group organise themselves. All you need to do when organising the trip is agree on a time (doesn’t have to be set in stone) to meet!

Don’t forget to investigate parking allowances or restrictions before you all decide to drive down from different parts of the country. Some accommodations might require you to park elsewhere or leave your vehicle in an overflow carpark – it’s always worth checking, especially if there is a fee attached.

Discuss Your Budgets & Eating Arrangements

Again, budgets can cause the biggest riff between you and your family or group whilst you’re enjoying a getaway. Make sure no one feels left out and discuss everything as early as possible. If you are organising a holiday on a shoestring, remember that cooking at home is the easiest way to save money. You can take turns cooking and simply split the food bill, you’re then likely to have a little more money for things that make a holiday a treat – ice cream on the beach or a drink somewhere with a great view!

Start Getting Excited About Things You Can All Do Together

Family holidays with all your loved ones are amazing – you can spend quality time with the people you love so much but might not get to enjoy time with regularly, so extend the experience – start looking at things you can all do together and get excited! One of the best things about going away with the extended family? Built in babysitters so some of the adults can have a well-deserved night off! If you do prefer to spend every minute together, we offer a family friendly and jam-packed entertainment schedule that is popular with everyone of all ages. All our on site facilities are there for your convenience and just make it easier to enjoy your time off.

Organising a family holiday should be exciting – not tiring! Here at Welcome Family, we’re here to make things easier however we can if you’re choosing to stay for us. Book your break, today!