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Self-Catering Holiday

Packing List For A Self Catering Holiday

Packing for a self catering holiday might seem like a bit of a minefield, perhaps you find you always over pack – something parents are always guilty of – or just want to make sure you’ve got everything? This is our guide to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next trip whether at our holiday park in Devon or somewhere else entirely, including some top tips from the experts.

Basic Stuff

Your packing list for a self catering holiday isn’t that different from a normal holiday, especially when you’re staying at one of our lodges, caravans or accommodations here in Devon. We provide as much as we can for you, so you don’t have to pack up the whole house before you can enjoy your relaxing break. These are just the essentials you need to tick over as normal:

  • Booking confirmation and details
  • ID, wallet
  • Phones, tech & chargers – Don’t forget an adapter if you’re coming from further afield
  • Prescription medications


When travelling with children, or even just as a group, the toiletry bag can start to overflow. Yet the great thing about going self catering is that you can take as much as you need – you just don’t have to if you don’t want to. We have a convenience shop, local stores and supermarkets in walking distance for you to top up on the things you might have forgotten, like toothpaste! Just to jog your memory here are a few bathroom-based items you might need to remember:

  • Toothpaste, toothbrushes – don’t forget a charger if you have an electric toothbrush!
  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel
  • Sun cream and after sun – you can never be too careful!
  • Deodorant
  • Basic medication or a mini first aid kit

Items like towels and hair dyers can take up a lot of room, especially if you’re keeping it green and travelling via public transport! You can always hire these items from us for your convenience and a small cost.


When you choose to stay and enjoy a self-catering holidays South Devon, just like anywhere else in the world, it’s the best way to have a flexible holiday that you can enjoy at your own pace. You can set your own schedule and join in with the entertainment wherever you want to, everyone’s welcome. It might be worth bringing a just-in-case outfit, but we’re not fancy! Just bring enough clothing for the duration of your stay per person. Don’t worry about over packing or getting a stain on a shirt, because we have a laundry room on site for all our guests to use if they need to!

Some things you may want to consider, especially if you are going to be out and about exploring the local area:

  • A backpack or day bag
  • Rain jackets – you never know!
  • Swimming costumes and trunks – the beautiful beach is just a stones throw away and we have pools on site for all our guests to come and enjoy!

Entertainment & Things For The Kids

Here at Welcome Family, we promise you’ll never be bored, but we understand that sometimes the pleasure of a self catering holiday is to enjoy a little peace or chill time:

  • Books, magazines and entertainment – If you’ve got a bit of a journey to your holiday destination this will always be a good idea, too.
  • Films to watch – maybe you’re planning a cosy night in with your family? Good news –our self catering accommodations have TVs already installed, you just need to bring something for your own viewing pleasure if you want to!

Kitchen Equipment & Misc

We provide our guests with everything they need to turn up and just start enjoying their time away – however they’re planning to spend it. It’s incredibly convenient to stay in self catering facilities, particularly when you have a young family and still need to use a steriliser or other similar things. Some of the equipment we have available for you to use – such as high chairs, push chairs and cots – yet, slightly more specific bits you may still need to bring yourself.

Please remember that linens are included in the price of your holiday when you stay with us, you just need to collect it from reception. Don’t forget the towels, too!


You can bring the food you want for the rest of the week with you, but we know that plans so often chop and change when you’re enjoying yourself. So, to avoid spoilage or transporting lots of food unnecessarily, shop locally at your destination. You never know, you might discover a new delicacy, but also it can help you to save money, buying only what you need! Some things you may want to bring though:

  • Snacks for the journey
  • If you are planning an action-packed agenda (check out our things to do blogs), then don’t forget you’ll need snacks and water for those times when you just can’t stop!

Pet Friendly

We are so happy to say that your pet can come to play here at Welcome Family, too because some of our select accommodations welcome pets. Make sure you select a suitable option at the time of booking and then don’t forget the following:

  • Pet food
  • Lead and collar
  • Pet bed
  • Water and food bowls

And then that’s it! It might seem like quite the list, but you will have more than enough to enjoy your time away to the fullest! Spaces are filling up fast for the year ahead, so don’t forget to book your next self catering holiday today!